i9 Special Funk Frog Offer!

The i9 Sports Experience

An Experience Beyond The Game              

To achieve our mission of helping kids succeed in life through sports, we believe the value we provide must go far beyond the sport itself. It must be about more than the rules of the game. About more than who plays what position. About more than the score.
We focus on how the game is played, how much fun we can make it for the kids, and how easy we can make it for the parents. i9 Sports offers an alternative to the disorganized, hyper-competitive, win-at-all-cost culture that pervades most youth sports programs today through a customer experience that delivers fun, safety, and convenience:
For Kids: We provide a fun, safe experience, in which kids can learn basic athletic skills, learn good sportsmanship, and increase their self-esteem.
For Parents: We provide a convenient, well organized program that doesn’t consume their family’s life.

For more information www.i9sports.com

To prepare for a Consignment Drop check out our helpful tips
1. Book an appointment at the BOOK NOW button on this page
2. Sort through your items for sizes we accept: Boys size 0-10, Girls size 0-12 and boy and girls shoes 0 - 13, 1-3
3. Sort through your items for items by seasons based on the 60-days following your consignment appointment
4. Review your toys carefully. They cannot be on recall, they must have all parts, be clean, have working batteries (if required) and have retailed for $10 or more for us to review them.

We love great brands like Gymboree, Janie & Jane, Hanna Anderson, Mini Boden, Ralph Lauren, etc.

Brands that we are not accepting are Circo, Faded Glory, Fall Creek, Granimal, KRU, Kiks, McKids, Mossimo, Okie Dokie, George, Arizona, Cherokee

Items that don't sell at The Funky Frog and are not accepted:
Vacation souvenir themed clothing
Clothing with dates on them
Personalized clothing
Separates sized 0-12m
Room décor items - lamps, frames, pictures
Crib bedding - bumpers, crib skirts, valances
Single-use items - breast pumps, diaper pails
Cribs, Car Seats, Heely Shoes, VTech and Leap Frog computer/reading toys

We accept appointments for consigning of clothing by seasons due to the volume of clothing we receive and floor space available. Here is a list of dates for the various seasons. Clothes and shoes remain on the floor for 60 days after their entry in the system.

Spring: accepted February through April
Summer: accepted April through July
Fall: accepted July through September
Winter: accepted September through January
Halloween costumers: accepted August 15 through September 1
Christmas Dresses: accepted October 15 through November 1
All consignment drops require an appointment which can be booked using our online scheduler at


Since 2011, The Funky Frog has been a local drop-off location for diapers. This started in support of the Detroit Area Diaper Bank in their annual Fall Diaper Drive. Each year has been an amazing success thanks to YOU! DADB's goal was to gather 250,000 diapers by Thanksgiving each year and they met it, with help from Frog Fan's donations!! THANK YOU!

                                    Frog Fans Donation Totals:
                                     2012...........1,603 diapers
                                     2013...........7,290 diapers
                                     2014...........6,152 diapers

Unfortunately, the DADB has closed it's doors and asked the various non-profits to spearhead their own diaper collections. We know that Frog Fans have diapers that they no longer need - sizes change, children are potty trained, family members medical needs change - and are looking for a place to donate perfectly good, usable diapers (adult and child). We also know that the community has people in need of help accessing free diapers. So The Funky Frog will continue to accept all diapers - all types, styles, sizes, even open packs in any quantities - year round! Just bring the to the store during store hours and we will forward them to various local Rochester non-profits who have clients in need.

Thanks to over 30 local crafters and businesses who donated to The Funky Frog's Customer Appreciation Party held Sunday, July 8 2012 at Classic Lanes Bowling! Thanks to the 100 Frog Fans who joined the FREE fun! They raised $206 and donated 74 NEW children's books for Charlotte's Wings! We were treated to a That's Just Delish Bakeshop cake - YUM!!! The Funky Frog's owner, Renee Perkins, is very happy to be able to celebrate her 3rd anniversary of owning the store with her loyal fans and friends!

To see photos of the great can auction prizes and the fun that was had check it out at our Facebook event page https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150952594161888.423944.135993561887&type=3

The Funky Frog, Children’s Resale Boutique Named Small Business of the Year 2011

Rochester Regional Chamber of Commerce awarded The Funky Frog, Children’s Resale Boutique the Sunrise Pinnacle Award 2011 Small Business of the Year on Thursday, Oct 20, 2011. The Funky Frog has been recognized as a leader in the Downtown Rochester business community and frequently supports local charitable organizations. Owner, Renee Perkins, is proud to provide a small, woman-owned business with a mission to help the environment through recycling/reusing existing children’s merchandise, giving families a place to easily consign and make money with their unused items and surprise and delight customers with the unique boutique shopping experience and amazing bargains.
The combination of the continued recession and the green movement has helped the resale industry grow. The Funky Frog, Children’s Resale Boutique is proud to be able to offer the widest selection of high-end items in one of the largest children’s resale stores in the area. Our consignors provide our shoppers with clean, unique, barely-used clothing, toys, baby gear and more. We regularly have over 200 pieces of boutique brands on the floor and are one of the few children’s resale shops that carry a wide range of large baby items.

The Funky Frog, Children's Resale Boutique hours are Monday - Friday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM, Saturday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM, closed Sundays. On occassion, it may be neccessary for Renee to close around 3:45 - 4:45 but we will post a note on the door and on our facebook page when we need to do that! Thanks!!

Just drop us a line with your email address and we will keep you informed of the great happenings at The Funky Frog! If you were on our list you would've known about...

Dress Up Your Denim Event on Oct 20th - Later, Alligator restyled jeans that were too short or holey pants with patches and ruffle cuffs

Free Spanish Demo Class for Tots - In September we had Language Complete in for 3 FREE classes so that moms and tots could sample the classes.

Free Mini Musician Demo Class for Tots - In September we had 3 FREE demo classes of this great musical class for infants and toddlers!

Don't miss out on the upcoming events - Nov 7th Holiday Preview Open House, Dec 6th Christmas Parade and MORE!

A family friend, who is an artist, was so kind as to create a huge welcome mat for the store as a gift! I wanted to share it with everyone. Stop by and check it out. It is just wonderful!!


The Funky Frog strives to bring you the boutique brands you love. We frequently have over 200 boutique brand items on the floor daily for your review. We mark those high-end items with red markers on the hanger necks, so you can easily find them in the sizes you need. So if you love Oilily, Hanna Andresson, Polo/Ralph Lauren, Baby Lulu, Mini Boden, Hannah Andersson and more you will spot them as soon as you walk in the store!

Frog Adoptions

As an adoptive mother, I am always looking for ways to help those in need of a home. The Funky Frog has provided another way for me to help...by adopting your unwanted FROGS!!

If you have stuffed frogs, frog figurines, lawn ornaments, framed pictures or frog clothing that you no longer want please donate them by dropping them off at the store during business hours and we will happily provide a loving home for them among our growing population of frogs.

How you can support your favorite charity and help save the planet one bag at a time.

Yes, The Funky Frog has always been green, from the color of his skin to the recycling of your children's items. The Frog is stepping up our efforts to save Mother Earth. We implemented some simple changes in the store such as reusing clean grocery and shopping bags to return your unsold item to consignors, recycling any plastic or drycleaner hangers you bring in and separating our paper waste for recycling - which has reduced our garbage from 2-3 bags a week to just ONE bag each 2 weeks!

If you have clean, plastic or paper, grocery, shopping or gift bags and would like to donate them to our store, please drop them by the Frog anytime we are open.

Thanks for recycling.

I just love our customers!

They have been so very supportive. I wanted to share some of the great comments. Each and every one of them makes my day and keeps me motivated to bring you the best children's consignment in Oakland County!

Best wishes for your new store. I know you are putting in long hours to make the Funky Frog work. I wish you much success. See you soon. God bless you for giving it your all. Gina H.

Thanks, Renee! You are doing a great job! I love the new energy at the Frog:). Kristin D.

Congratulations on your new purchase of the coolest resale shop around! Shari N.
Hello ladies! I am THRILLED to hear the Frog lives on! As a supporter of the shop since the days when it was owned by Shawn, I was deeply saddened to hear it might not survive....Best of luck to you both in your new venture. I look forward to hearing more soon! Julie V.

I'm so happy for you both, congratulations on your new business! I love shopping at the Funky Frog, and I'll stop by soon to shop and see one or both of you! Nancy D.
Have already spread the word to my friends who are excited about seeing the old Frog back in action! Kim K.

I'm SO excited! This was the only resale shop that I would frequent on a regular basis- Congratulations on this undertaking and I look forward to meeting you both! Thank you!I'll be in soon with some things to sell and buy :-)Nancy R.

Yippee! I'm so glad FF will live on. I always find something for my 5 year old daughter..Thayer G.

This is great news. Congratulations to both of you. I enjoy the shop and will certainly stop by in the next few weeks to check things out. Kim B.

I am glad to see that the store won't close...I have 3 little ones - because I really do enjoy finding those great finds. Good luck in your endeavor! Teresa P.